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Rhassoul clay has been used in skin care for over 2000 years. It was known to the nobles of ancient Rome and Egypt who used it as a soap, shampoo and a daily cleanser. Today Rhassoul is a common ingredient of beauty care in numerous luxurious spas all over the world. All clays are volcanic ashes which were deposited on the bottom of the sea as the result of a volcanic activity in the remote geological past.  Since then, the volcanic deposits cooled down and rose to the surface of the Earth.  During millions of years of weathering,   water and wind turned the hard volcanic deposits into soft clays.  Volcanic ashes  have  a great absorbing power and the mineral elements which were carried out with the water from neighbouring deposits were trapped in clay molecules. Each of our clays contains more than 50 different minerals  such as  magnesium, calcium, potassium,  phosphorus, zinc, aluminum, silicon, copper, selenium, and cobalt. Our red Rhassoul clay is suitable for dry or oily plus sensitive skin types. Mineral rich, cleansing and detoxifying, Rhassoul clay helps to rebalance dry flaky or oily rich acne prone skin, improve texture and elasticity and can help those suffering from eczema or psoriasis. It can also help to reduce those under eye bags. Combined with botanical ingredients and natural essential oils of Lavender this clay mixture will brighten and improve your facial appearance and texture.

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  1. Blanche

    This cleanser has really helped my face with break outs. I was using black soap but it was drying out my face. I switched to this and I am very happy I did. My face is super clean and pimple free but not dried out.

  2. Nancy

    I love all of better choice products. It’s my first time trying the clay mask but it was great my skin feels softer and looks radiant

  3. Indiana

    This clay makes my face baby skin soft and smooth. I have a problem with acne and since I started washing my face with clay my acne is going away.

  4. Deirdre

    I love this product. My friend recommended it to me. My face has never looked so good.

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