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Best Night Cream I tried this for the first time years ago and simply keep going back to it. I've tried other creams for nighttime but it is the best! The texture is perfect and I love that it's a clean product. It's the perfect thickness for a night cream and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and soft.
Kelly Taylor

Long time user

I have been using this product since 2014 and My face looks amazing. My skin tone is even and the couple of blemishes I had are gone. My skin is firm and the fine wrinkle lines are gone. My best benefit is my friend and family have noticed how good I look and I receive compliments. My one friend asked me if I'm using a skin treatment from the dermatologist, HaHa. Now she bought some too. Amy Burgman

Great Candles I have bought these candles many times and have never been disappointed. I have tried several scents and some I like better than others but its all up to personal taste. I will say they burn a long time and burn all the way down with no waste and continue to smell all the way down.
Billy M
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