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It is a natural source of vitamins A & E, iron and an all-natural cleanser. It helps relieve rashes, scalp irritations, oily skin, dry skin, acne, blemishes, eczema, and other skin problems. African Raw Black Soap gives your skin a deep cleansing leaving it fresh, and healthier. African Raw Black Soap works well for all skin types from oily to dry. It can be used by any ethnicity and for men or women.


African Black Soap is great for acne, rashes, skin blemishes or any skin issue that requires attention. This is fair trade soap from Ghana Africa.

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 in

12 reviews for AFRICAN BLACK SOAP / 10 OZ.

  1. Annette

    i have tried several black soap and this one is the only one that really cleans my face thoroughly and tightens my pores. my face feels tight yet soft and my skin is clear and clean.

  2. Andrea

    This stuff is incredible! I bought the 1 lb. and I just keep slicing soap bars off and using them. I use it once per week for exfoliation and follow up with the creamy shea butter + argan oil. My skin looks and feels incredible!

  3. Randy

    This soap has really helped my eczema. It’s non drying and lasts a long time!

  4. Clarise

    I am writing to recommend this product to people who have a tendency to break out. My skin especially my face looks better when I’m using this soap.

  5. Mia

    I have been using this exact soap from better choice products on my face for a about 4 years now. It cleared my skin tremendously and works wonders! I keep coming back for more.

  6. Clear Face

    I tried this soap for my acne and it cleared up my face in about 2 weeks. I will always use this soap from now on.

  7. Devon Jackson

    This black African soap is the BEST soap I have ever used. Clean, suds easily and rinses easily.
    I called customer service for some help and they were excellent.

  8. Kimmy

    I bought this soap to try for my acne and it worked in clearing up my face. It did burn a lot but after 2 – 3 days it stopped burning. I just figured it was burning because open soars were being cleaned really well. I have to agree with the other reviewers that this soap works for acne. I now love this soap.

  9. Bryan

    I always order 5 at a time to save some money. The soap is always fresh and not dried out. I use black soap because it cleans very well and my skin is always looking good, Thank you for a good soap.

  10. Paula

    Very good quality.

  11. Gina P

    This is now my go to soap. I bought this for my acne on my face and after one week I’m already clearing up. I wash my face in the morning and at night. This has surpassed my expectations. I would definitely recommend it.

  12. Tasha

    I used this, Black Soap, because my face was breaking out and it has helped me 100% to get back to a clear complexion. I would definitely recommend this soap

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