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100% organic and unrefined Argan oil (the oil extracted from the nut of the fruit of Morocco’s argan tree) has many benefits. Argan Oil is know as Morocco’s Liquid Gold because moroccans have long known the benefits to skin, hair, nails, lips and scalp. If you want smooth, clear and radiant skin use Argan oil as a moisturizer. Frizzy hair problems and split ends are helped with Argan oil. Dry scalp is renewed by using Argan oil. Hands and nails prone to cracking just apply Argan oil. Caution, not all Argon oils are the same. Our Oil is unrefined (unchanged) and organic (no pesticides or fertilizers). Our oil has a light nutty smell but goes away in a few minutes.

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8 reviews for ARGAN OIL 2 OZ.

  1. M.P.

    I would recommend this argon oil to my friends. It has a slight nutty smell because its unrefined but not bad at all. I use it on my face at night just before bedtime and since using it, my face looks much better. My fine lines have disappeared and my skin looks alive now. I also use it generously in my hair right after my shower while my hair is still wet, It gives my hair a healthy look.

  2. Wendy

    Been using this argon oil and compared to other argon oils I tried this is a great facial oil! Its richer and more thick. It’s wonderful in the daytime under makeup because it absorbs into the skin so quickly, and it’s a nice night treatment for around the eyes and lips It’s lightweight, so sometimes I take it with me on the go,

  3. Janet

    This is a great oil for face and hair. I use it every day around my eyes and hose because I need a good moisturizer there. My skin in that area is very very dry and I have used other Argan oils but their not the same.
    I will continue to buy this one

  4. Catherine

    I bought this Argan oil at the Farmers Market when you were doing a show there. At first I was a little skeptical to spend 30 dollars on something I never tried before but I’m glad I did. I have been using it for 4 weeks and my fine lines around my eyes have been reduced to barely visable. My hair has especially gotten stronger and has a healthy look.

  5. Amy

    I have been using this oil in my hair for a month and my split ends are gone. Another argon oil I tried from Sephora didn’t work as well as this one. I will buy it again.

  6. Lara

    I have been using this Argon Oil as a hair treatment, face moisturizer and on my neck for about a year now and I swear its an anti- aging oil because my face has less lines and it looks tighter. My hair is stronger and not at all limp like before I started using it.

  7. Connie

    I have been using this oil for 2 years and its great. I use it as a moisturizer around my eyes because it works great on the fine lines. I also found it works well on the top of my hands. Its very rich and I love how my hands look after I apply it. I swear my hands look 10 years younger from this oil. I would recommend to everyone.

  8. Joan P

    How to feel the difference in my skin within a week. My dermatologist even noticed a difference in the lines around my eyes. This product is really awesome.

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