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Our Organic Jojoba Oil is grown on a small family farm. Pesticide free, non-allergenic and vegan plus first pressed and unrefined. We love this oil because you can use it in many differant areas of your skin. Infant safe and recommended on beards, all ares of the skin, acne, psoriasis and sunburn. Jojoba Oil is mostly similar to our skins natural wax produced by our pores therefore it is easily absorbed.

2 reviews for ORGANIC JOJOBA OIL

  1. South Florida

    I use this oil for my daughters hair her mixed girl curly hair, absolutely loves jojoba oil. It is also one of my few oils that she isn’t allergic to as an added bonus. My hands and Nails are looking great just from the amount I get while doing my daughters hair.

  2. Olga

    I love this oil because it goes on easy and doesn’t feel greasy. It has no scent which is good because I’m allergic to scents.

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