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Sunshine Artesan Soap is a cold process soap. It is cured for six weeks so the bar gets hard and lasts the longest time.  It has Calendula flower in the soap. Calendula is very good for the skin and acts as a light exfoliation on the skin. The scent is Orange and Yuzu essential oil. This mixture of oils make an extremely moisturizing soap.


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  1. Gino

    I want to review the soap I bought. I give it 5 stars because it is foamy and smells fresh and clean.

  2. Frank Eastman

    I love the added Calendula flower and the orange scent is fabulous. I will definitely recommend this.

  3. Milanetta Perez

    When I smelled this soap in the store, I love the orange fragrance. The first time I used it in the shower the soap lathers well cleans great, and the smell is awesome. I would definitely recommend this to anybody.

  4. Destiny

    I bought this soap based off the ingredients listed. Calendula is great for the skin but I never heard of it in a soap. My first time using it, it overwhelms my expectations. It foams up and cleans very well. The scent is delicious. I can definitely recommend this soap.

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